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While Brays Island is known for being America’s Premier Sporting Community, our community is always looking for ways to entertain the kids and grandkids of our Owners. With expansive homes and plenty of sporting activities, it’s the perfect place to gather the family all year round. Beyond the hunting, fishing, golfing and equestrian activities, our Owner Services team organizes children’s events throughout the year. From our annual Pony Camp and Kids Camp, to everyday entertainment with the nature that surrounds our Plantation, there’s never a shortage of things to do. With raving reviews from the kids of Brays themselves, here are our top 5 activities for children of Brays Island.


Surrounded by over 20 miles of tidal estuaries, there’s no shortage of opportunities for little ones to get their feet wet and catch a fish. During our Kids Camp in November, children learn about different types of fish, lures, lines, and fishing seasons. They’re able to join Captain Bryan and Captain Jess for a morning of pond fishing, or explore our local waters via kayak at low tide to search for sharks’ teeth and other fossils. This year, one of our grandkids even had a record catch out of our Heart Shaped Pond - Graedon Greenleaf caught a hybrid striper with a live worm on a cork!


Our annual Pony Camp is a one-day fun event in June, where children get to participate in a variety of activities such as grooming, riding, and learning to care for horses. They also can join in on “Paint the Pony” and other horse-inspired crafts at the onsite Equestrian Center. With more than 30 resident horses, kids get immersed in the equestrian experience and get to explore portions of our 60 miles of trails.

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At our Nature Center, our on-site naturalist, Bruce, loves to teach kids the ins and outs of different species that inhabit Brays Island. Whether it’s an afternoon walking through Marvin’s Pond with binoculars to see the rookery, or building bird feeders to hang at their house, Bruce makes nature learning fun for kids. We bring in Birds of Prey demonstrations throughout the year, offer afternoons of making bird feeders and plan nature trips which allows the kids to learn about animals native to Brays and the lowcountry.


Life sports start when you’re young. With our golfing lessons, we introduce kids to the game of golf and our PGA certified instructors cover all aspects of the game, including etiquette, rules, sportsmanship, and more. Children get to learn from our golf pro the difference between putting and chipping, pitching, irons, wood and more. Exploring the game starting from the driving range and through a full 9-hole round on the Ron Garl designed course has established some young golf enthusiasts each year.

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Outside of the sporting activities offered for children of Brays Island, kids have the opportunity to go behind the scenes in the kitchen and learn the secrets of preparing their own pasta dishes. With our cooking and dining etiquette activities, they mix pasta dough and prepare noodles for their own dishes while gaining knowledge and understanding of kitchen safety and cleanliness. Once their dish is created, they get to enjoy the fruits of their labor during a dining etiquette class with our food and beverage director, Alex Young.

“There was so much diversity in activities which made each special in its own way…overall, they LOVED Brays Camp and are looking forward to coming again next year!”

~Leslie Jones, Brays Island Owner

Beyond these top five activities for kids, bicycles are always available at the Nature Center for kiddos, their family, and friends to ride around exploring the property and, our two pools, both indoor and outdoor, are available for use throughout the year.

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