America's Best Retreats
Mar 1, 2013
Brays Island Plantation is quietly establishing itself as a refuge for wealthy families who want privacy and a sporting life.
Women in the Field
Aug 21, 2014
Garden & Gun President and CEO Rebecca Darwin hosted a women-only shoot at Brays Island Plantation in Sheldon, South Carolina.
Calling the Shots
Aug 21, 2014
Calling the shots: More women take up sports shooting as hobby.
Lavish Clubhouses
Aug 1, 2014
Pat Ryan, a Alabama-based neurosurgeon, bought land in Brays Island Plantation. He has spent time there golfing, hunting for quail and fishing.
A Sporting Haven
Sep 1, 2014
Just down a quaint little two-lane road, somewhere between here and yonder, lies a mecca of outdoor sports called Brays Island.  By Josh Wolfe.
Equestrian at Brays Island
May 1, 2014
You’ll see horses everywhere, whether grazing in paddocks or taking riders on exhilarating journeys over the 60-plus miles of trails and sand roads that criss-cross the plantation
A Place Like No Other
Dec 1, 2013
“An environment that allows each person – intellectually, morally, physically, spiritually – to be as good as God intended him to be." - Roger Pinckney
Paradise Found
Jul 1, 2014
Could anything be finer than to be in Carolina?  Mike Barnes goes in pursuit of quail at Brays Island.