South Carolina Hunting Island Plantations

Recognized as one of the premier locations for bird hunting in the southeast, Brays Island provides everything you need for a hunt that’s as memorable as it is productive. Brays has set aside 3,500 acres of woods, marshes, and fields for nature preserves, practically guaranteeing your hunting enjoyment. In addition to quail and partridge, members and guests also enjoy hunting deer, dove, pheasant, and turkey. Brays Island offers more than 30 deer stands for bow and rifle, providing a quality hunting experience for hunters of all ages.

Experienced hunters have access to the property on their own terms. New to hunting? Not a problem. Our expert guides are happy to show you the ropes in this year-round hunting paradise. In fact, many owners bring children here to try hunting for the first time. Deer hunting is popular among young hunters, and the Hunting Club offers deer hunting guides to help introduce the sport. In addition to deer, quail hunting is also popular among families at Brays Island Plantation.

Thanks to our resident hall-of-fame dog trainer, Brays Island offers more than 30 pointing and flushing dogs to take with you on your hunting adventure. Have your own trained dog? Bring it along! Our trainer can even work with members’ pups on an hourly basis for anything from general obedience to hunting.