The pleasures of owning and riding horses have always been an important part of the lifestyle at Brays Island.  Horses offer a unique opportunity to enjoy our thousands of acres using more than 60 miles of thoughtfully planned trails that meander through our woodlands, hunt fields, and the dikes that contain our many ponds, marshes, and river banks.  Experienced riders delight in this unique resource and many owners are drawn to riding for the first time when they join the Brays community.

Brays Island offers stall or pasture boarding for privately owned horses with about 70 horses of various breeds in residence. For occasional riders, the plantation retains horses that are available to owners and their guests for trail rides, lessons, or an introduction to horses. And our equestrian staff is experienced and knowledgeable. They provide excellent horse care and are also qualified instructors for beginning riders or those wishing to improve their skills on the trail or in the ring.  In addition, they are pleased to offer pony rides for young people, a traditional rite of passage for future riders. A variety of more specialized instruction is available through access to periodic clinics offered by offsite trainers. Through careful organization and communication, our staff makes it easy, pleasant, and safe to own and enjoy a horse and share in the unique experience offered by our gloriously beautiful land.  Riders also enjoy a cordial social experience at the barn, on the trail, and by participating in activities organized by the staff.